Total Flex

Whether you’re an exercise beginner or a fitness pro, you just select the resistance level that’s best for you and then choose from over 50 different exercises available. For your legs, hips and butt there are squats, leg raises, inner & outer thigh adductions and more. For your arms and back, try the flys, lat pulls, shoulder presses or bicep curls. There are even multiple abdominal moves like the seated crunch, oblique twist, and crunch combo. Included DVDs show you just how fun, fast and easy it is to flow from move to move for an awesome total body workout. In fact, adjusting the Total Flex is super simple. Just squeeze the locking pins and in seconds you can have a flat bench to build a strong chest and back. Squeeze again to raise the padded seat back and you’ve got an incline bench to target and define your abs. Then decline the seat and now the Total Flex becomes a lower body workout machine to tighten and tone your hips, glutes and thighs. These lightning fast changeovers keep your heart rate elevated so Total Flex can work your entire body in as little as 18 minutes a day.